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Connect Port is a free grassroots networking site for medical missionary minded people who are interested or involved in domestic and/or foreign missions using Christ's method for reaching people for Him. We provides community support for individuals and ministries who are committed to the distinctive end-time mission that the Lord has given to the Seventh-day Adventist movement.

Connect Port is provided by the Galilee Protocol Medical Missionary Association.

You can be a Connect Port community (this website) member without being a member of the Galilee Protocol Medical Missionary Association. Connect Port members receive full access to connectport.org, however, they are not necessarily voting members of the Galilee Protocol Medical Missionary Association; and do not necessarily receive the rights and privileges of association membership. For information about becoming of member of the Galilee Protocol Medical Missionary Association, please visit the Galilee Protocol website

The Galilee Protocol mission is to work using Christ's Method Alone: presenting a balanced demonstration of His character to the largest cities in America,—through self-sacrificing service and clear, bold warning from the fourth angel: the angel of Revelation eighteen. 

Our vision is to use the cities of America as a stage, upon which to ignite a glorious display of Christ's Righteousness: so as to set the global context for the last conflict in the great controversy between Christ and Satan.