Go Bannor

It is easy to join Connect Port. There are a few steps to the process, and we'll tell you just how to do it here. 

Step By Step:

First, goto   www.connectport.org   This should bring you to the home page. 

Now notice the box to the right (or all the way to the bottom if you are using a phone): Consolidated Login.  After you register, this is where you will log into your account each time. Right now, notice the Select Language drop-down box. If English is not your preferred language, try a different one. 

Click on the Sign-Up button.

This loads the registration form. Fill in the requested information.

Member Type:  If you are wanting an account for you, select  "Individual."  It you are wanting an account for your ministry or organization, select "Organization."  We recommend for everyone to have and "individual" account. It may also be appropriate to have an additional account for your organization.  

Name: Type in your name as you want people to see it (i.e. firstname lastname) or your organization name if that is appropriate. This name field is how others will recognize you in Connect Port.

Username: This will be the name you use to log into your account. 

Email: You will need to associate an email address with your account. Duplicates are not allowed, so you cannot share the same email address with another Connect Port account holder (individual or organization).  We will use this email address to contact you concerning Connect Port matters; and messages from other members may also go to your email. 

Password: This is the secret code you will need to know when you sign into you account. It keeps people from masquerading as you, or messing with the your personal settings in your account. Make sure you keep it secure, remember it, and write it down. 

If someone sent you an invitation, type in the invite code.

Individuals will need to fill in their gender and birthday. Only the month and day of your birthday will be visible on your profile to other members. The year will only be visible to Connect Port staff accessing the administration areas of the site. 

Organization members can fill in their organization website and email address they want others to see (may be different that their account email), and their organization type.

Terms and Conditions: Please carefully read the terms and conditions, as we are firm in our commitment to keep this site pure and focused on the distinctive work for our time. You will need to check the agreement box in order to register.

Captcha: This is a little safety feature to keep robots from signing up. They can't read the letters in in the graphic box. Hopefully you can. Type the letters you see into the box. If you can't read them, click on the little speaker to hear them phonetically, or the circle arrows to get new set of letters. 

Sign up:  Click on the Sign up button when you're ready. 

IMPORTANT: Connect Port needs to make sure your email address is valid and that there were no typos in it. We will send you an email titled "Connect Port Sign Up" with a link in it. Simply click on the link, and you'll be verified. You will be immediately taken to the Connect Port website were you can now log in. This same email also has your login information in it. You can save it or print it for your records. After your email is validated, you will receive another email welcoming you to Connect Port.

This is not all the information you will need or want to associate with your Connect Port account.  You will later need to visit your profile area to tweak things a bit. We have limited what we ask for here in order to get you up and running quickly. The rest can be done at a later time if you are in a hurry right now.

You will certainly want to personalize things a bit by adding a photo to your personal profile, fill in the rest of the personal data, join some groups, make personal connections with other members (friend them), etc. 

Check out this QuickStart article: Your First Login.